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Personalized Services

The Ultimate Method to Change Your Dance Experience

Something that we do a little different in our studio is that we make it our mission to make your dance experience individualized. Our one on one services have become a popular option and priority. 

We find that many people, experienced or not, feel disconnected with their bodies and lack the confidence to accept their unique way of moving. 

This is why we focus on the dancer within and prepare personalized private lessons, fitness instruction, and semi-private sessions.

During your lessons we will explore different questions that may shift your perspective on things.

 What is your reason for dancing? How do you move and show up for your body? Are you aware how music plays apart in your dance experience? Do you dance for you or for others? 

Here is where we dive deep into these sort of questions to further enhance your experience. Dance is more than just the way you move, it's your story.

Why Move 2B Moved 

Suitable for all levels

Flexible Schedule

Experienced and personal


Personal Guidance

Proven Results

Professional and considerate

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