Dance Workshops

Welcome to our dance workshops page. Here is where you will see the many different workshops that we offer throughout the year.  Here is where you can enjoy an intimate, fun, motivating, and unique movement experience. Our dance workshops take place 4-6x a year and varies in categorization and duration.


Sit & Sass ($110)

4 weeks (1 day/week)

1hr 30min - 2hrs

6-8 spots

Where we focus sassiness, sexiness, confidence in movement and personalizing choreography with the company of a chair. Often times when dancing sexy (or sassy as we like to call it), it's for another, or with other. Here we focus on "YOU" and what sexiness means to "YOU" as the dancer/mover. Get in tune with what makes you beautiful, powerful and sassy through choreography on a chair and with the accompaniment of some alluring music.

+Ages 18+

+No Heels

+Knee pads recommended

+Socks needed/provided


Couplet ($64/couple)

2 days 

2hr 30min.

4 couples

Where we focus on how to connect with your partner through non-verbal communication. Couples will experience stretching and warming up together, followed along with an upbeat, couples choregraphed dance, and lastly couples will engage in breathwork, mindfulness journaling and mindful  movement activates. 

+Recommended for intimate couples 

+No dance experience needed

+Journal recommended - paper will be provided



Maneuver ($100) 

4 weeks (1 day/week)

1hr 30min.

6 spots

Stretching is a special experience of it's own that many of un neglect. Gain a better understanding of the importance of connecting with your body through bending, breathing and experiencing pause. Our maneuver workshop will teach you how to connect with your body in a unique way. You will be lead into movements that flow into one another and have moments of stillness when necessary. It's time to get loose.

+Ages 16+


The Fam Jam ($190) - $10 Registration fee

2 weekends (2 days/week)

1hr 30min. - 2hr

4-5 families

Parents, come, dance and learn some fun choreography with their infant (wear

your baby), toddler, teen or adult child in our fun, group family dance workshop. This workshop is all about moving together as a family to create closer bonds with one another. 

Mom and daughter
Dad and son
Dad and daughters
Mom and sons
Aunt and Nephew
Mom, Dad and kids
Grandparent and grandchildren
You name it!!!!

**We are welcoming 4-5 families**
On the last day of this workshop we will be recording everyone.

Every family has their own time to shine and will be recorded for our YouTube page. All families will have access to the recording.

We encourage the families to coordinate outfits for the last day, practice the routine and enjoy themselves!

*Discounts for more than one adult and one child registering*

+ $32 (2nd child), + $24 (3rd child)

+ $44 (2nd adult)

Contact for more pricing info.

  • A two day couple dance and movement workshop.

    250 US dollars
  • A "Phil Wright" inspired family dance and choreography workshop

    Starts Jul 9

    $190 (1 Ad, 1 Ch)
  • A chair dance class that brings out your sassy side.

    Starts Jun 3

    110 US dollars

Let's Work Together

Come and move with us and connect with the dancer within.