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Discover the joy of dance with Move 2B Moved Studio’s personalized dance programs for all ages and communities. Our studio is proud to offer a wide range of programs including dance enrichment in schools and afterschool programs, summer dance enrichment and performance, library dance and movement workshops, theater production choreography development, and so much more. Let us help you find the perfect program to get you moving and grooving.

Contact us today to learn more about our programs.

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Family Move & Groove

An aerobic dance and movement workshop designed for families with children 11 and older. The purpose of this program is to get full families moving together and experiencing the joy, fun and benefits of movement. Not only do children get to learn how to move their bodies, meet other children and have some place to let out their energy, adults also get the opportunity to further bond with their children, socialize with other adults, get an exercise in, and enjoy a fulfilling experience like no other!

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Theatre Choreography Development

Not only will we create the choreography for your production. but we will also teach it and get your actors and actresses ready to present on stage. 

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Workshop and Courses

Elevate your organization’s events with customized workshops and courses from Move 2B Moved Studio. Our team of experienced dancers and movement experts will develop a program tailored specifically to your organization’s needs, whether it’s for a conference, school event, training, retreat, or any other occasion. Let us bring the rhythm and energy to your next event and leave your attendees feeling inspired and energized. Contact us today to learn more.

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Dance Enrichment

Enhance your dance skills and creativity with our Dance Enrichment program with Move 2B Moved Studio. Our program offers a unique and creative approach to dance and movement, with activities focused around the elements of dance, dance and movement fundamentals, and self-expression. We also implement core subjects and principles taught in schools, making our program a fun and educational experience for all ages. Join us today to explore the art of dance and movement in a fun and enriching way.

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