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Welcome to Move 2B Moved LLC, where we help you rediscover your love and passion for dance and movement. Our dance studio is open to all ages, from youth to teens and adults. Come dance with us and express yourself!



Latisia Johnson is the owner Move 2B Moved. She has created a space that is more than just a dance studio- it’s a community! Our mission is to inspire and empower people through the art of movement. We believe that dance has the power to transform lives, and we are committed to creating a positive and inclusive environment where all are welcome. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced dancer, we invite you to join us at Move 2B Moved and discover the magic of dance.

Let's tell you more


Specializing in Open styles, Mindfulness Practices,

Dance Fitness, & Choreography

Latisia Johnson, is a dancer and choreographer who believes that dance is for everyone. Her mission is to create a welcoming environment where people of all skill levels can come together to express themselves through dance. We encourage a culture of self-love and acceptance, where everyone is free to be themselves and celebrate their unique talents and abilities.

Guest Instructors/Choreographers

Carra Forgea


Specializing in hip hop & heels

Carra Forgea is a versatile dancer and a dance instructor. Originally from the Philippines, moving to the United States in 2018, Carra has trained in a variety of dance styles, including hip hop,
open style, heels, and chairlesque. With over 10 years of hip hop training in her home country, Carra brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her dance classes.

Jermaine Wright


Specializing in Vogue fusion hip hop

Jermaine is a dancer, choreographer, and chef from Southside Jamaica Queens, NY. He produced collegiate dance competitions, directed music videos, competed in regionals, taught adult hip hop dance classes, and co-led community level dance protests. Jermaine specializes in sharp and groovy movement with a unique choreography style. 

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