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Meet the Owner

Latisia attended Russell Sage College graduating with a Bachelors in Dance Performance and therapy. Here she studied dance as not only a performing art but as a form of healing and expression. Personally, Latisia has always believed dance to be a way of release and a way that she could pop in and out of reality. Not long after graduating from college, Latisia was introduced to a dance company called Garth Fagan. She enrolled in their summer intensive program in 2013 which is where a new beginning arose for her. She was offered a job in the Garth Fagan (Afro-Caribbean modern dance) dance company as a professional dancer, dancing for company shows and demonstrator for the beginner and intermediate public dance classes in 2014. She learned most of her discipline as a dancer being apart of the dance company and shares her experiences with others now recently becoming a private studio owner in October 2021.


Certified Fitness Instructor
and Dancing Mindfulness Facilitator

Latisia Johnson, also known as Co'Nceive Danseuse, performing since the age of 10 years old, started her dancing journey through the style of hip-hop dance. She started performing in elementary school were she became known for her dance skills. Latisia was involved in the Albany Chocolate Thunder Marching and Dancing band run by George Spencer, that was always featured in the capital district parades including but not limited to the St. Patrick's Day Parade starting at the age of 11 as an instrumentalist, dancer and later moving up to drum major. She participated in many shows at Brown School (elementary and middle school she attended) located in Schenectady, New York and also at Schenectady High School where she discovered her love for dancing and expression. She found herself always finding her way to the dance studio.


Latisia began creating choreography for different dance classes during her time at Schenectady High School and also performed during the schools talent shows. When Latisia graduated she ventured off to bigger performances with a group called, Too Deep Entertainment (an improv theater company located in Albany). As a member of this theatre company Latisia put her choreography talents to work. Not everyone in the group had "dance skills" but even still Latisia created choreography and taught in a way that catered to every style of movement.




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